Design, Experience Strategy, Research
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Client: Sprint

Date: 20 November

Category: Design, Experience Strategy, Research


Unified appointment setting nationwide across all 4 disparate existing platforms, identified the wait time discrepancy, set a model for future iterations.


Sprint Zone was a concept created through the process of design thinking. By focusing on the real needs of users first we were able to identify over 500 reasons clients were calling Sprint for help. Of these more than 500 reasons, there were at least five to eight different projects focused on one or more of these problems across the company. By combining three different data files we identified that the top 18 reasons made up 78% of all calls. We would focus on these FIRST and let all other reasons be considered later.

We explored the customer lifecycle and considered the ecosystem in which these users were using sprints products and we identified contextual relationships between the problems and user tasks. Of the top 15 reasons, 10 were solvable and 5 were partially solvable but were currently being treated completely separately. The top call driver was “pay my bill” and the 4th was activate my phone, for instance.

We combined what were considered 15 unrelated business problems into one simple interface. For the user, it was all a part of the client/business relationship they had with Sprint. Sprint zone took several iterations to achieve target state but once complete reduced cost by more than $1.8M per year in reduced calls alone. In addition, savings on saving clients and reducing bad debt are estimated in excess of $5M per year.

Experience Strategy

We walk a mile in the clients shoes, seeing your company through their eyes. We look for ways to deepen the relationship by removing barriers and finding opportunities to delight.


User Experience research to understand what clients/users need what they want and how you can grow this relationship.


Strategic conceptual and tactical interaction design.

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