Design, Experience Strategy, Research
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Client: Topcon

Date: September 03, 2013

Category: Design, Experience Strategy, Research


Increased satisfaction, extending now to the patient as well. Probably increase in efficiency and task success.


Topcon is an industry leader in eye research and surgery procedures. We partnered with them to redesign their Synergy software which is what doctors use to capture images of the eye before, during and after surgery, to track progress, note procedures, manage clients and more.

The existing system when analyzed was very outdated visually, had many usability issues, several of which were critical and satisfaction scores were below expectations for Doctors. The changes we made address each of these areas and we also extended it to now include the clients perception. The changes were dramatic and satisfaction scores are now exceeding expectations. No quantitative analysis was completed to test efficiency and accuracy as the client did not want to include this in the scope. However, expert opinion suggests that the new design will have considerable positive impact on each.

Experience Strategy

We walk a mile in the clients shoes, seeing your company through their eyes. We look for ways to deepen the relationship by removing barriers and finding opportunities to delight.


User Experience research to understand what clients/users need what they want and how you can grow this relationship.


Strategic conceptual and tactical interaction design.

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