Design, Experience Strategy, Research
Project Details

Client: Sprint

Date: 20 November 2012

Category: Design, Experience Strategy, Research


Unified appointment setting nationwide across all 4 disparate existing platforms, identified the wait time discrepancy, set a model for future iterations.


Pad Concierge is a retail concept risen from the need for to schedule and check in a high volume of clients during peak business hours. This concept was tested and implemented and offered several key benefits. First, when greeters were checking clients in but not marking them as checked in. This illustrated the fact that, although the business believed they had solved the “wait” problem, the reality was that they had not, the greeters had simply masked it. This system also allowed for either assisted or unassisted check in.

Another major achievement for this concept was setting forth a standard for the method and process for appointment setting nationwide and across four disparate systems. This reduced many “duplicate” appointments and also made more efficient and effective the appointment process..

Experience Strategy

We walk a mile in the clients shoes, seeing your company through their eyes. We look for ways to deepen the relationship by removing barriers and finding opportunities to delight.


User Experience research to understand what clients/users need what they want and how you can grow this relationship.


Strategic conceptual and tactical interaction design.

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