Design, Development, Experience Strategy, Research
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Client: Sprint

Date: March 13, 1007

Category: Design, Development, Experience Strategy, Research


Defined the future for digital video


Felix was a fully designed and developed digital video concept 3 years prior to the existence of Netflix and even today, 8 years later, would compete for the best digital video experience in the market.

The idea of digital video was just emerging and Blockbuster was renting DVD’s on every corner. The client for this project wanted a way to allow their customers to watch movies via the internet, sans DVD. A media extender box was the business plan and it seemed very promising.

The media extender solution was however, focused on the technology and initial iterations were nearly impossible to use. They entailed a computer running windows, that had access to the internet, installing and running a program, connecting cables and a very clumsy box with an even clumsier interface.

The approach was to step back, identify the likely users of such a service, gather demographic data, create personas, complete a lifecycle analysis of the end-to-end experience and consider the user in their environment. Task flows were developed and a story began to take place. Simplify, focus on ease of use, and allow remote control navigation.

Felix had overwhelming acceptance but never launched as the client was unable to sway the entertainment industry to giving digital media rights the same consideration as physical media. Three years later, Netflix was successful in these negotiations and the rest is, well, history.

Experience Strategy

We walk a mile in the clients shoes, seeing your company through their eyes. We look for ways to deepen the relationship by removing barriers and finding opportunities to delight.


User Experience research to understand what clients/users need what they want and how you can grow this relationship.


Strategic conceptual and tactical interaction design.

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