Design, Experience Strategy, Research
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Client: H&R BLock - User Experience Lab

Date: November 20

Category: Design, Experience Strategy, Research


Revolutionary paradigm shifting change for the way the company approaches thinking about and designing products and services.

We designed and developed the H&R Block experience center to serve three primary purposes. It was to serve as Design Center, a Usability Lab and a Concept Realization Center. H&R Block had a tax office using a quarter of the bottom floor. This became the ideal space to build. This had one major limitation however in that it only gave us one physical location in which to focus the three separate facets of experience design. Leveraging our experience from designing and building each of these spaces separately for other companies, we went to work. What emerged was a space that set a new paradigm for the Company to follow and really broke new ground in Experience Space design by combining the three functions into one.

The space is divided into the two main facets of H&R Blocks tax business, Retail and @Home. Initially, assisted and DIY were completely disparate experiences with no relationship and even tension between the two business groups. The design of the space, putting the two next to each other, helped overcome barriers and get executives and employees alike to realize the relationship in a customers mind and need between the two.

Experience Strategy

We walk a mile in the clients shoes, seeing your company through their eyes. We look for ways to deepen the relationship by removing barriers and finding opportunities to delight.


User Experience research to understand what clients/users need what they want and how you can grow this relationship.


Strategic conceptual and tactical interaction design.

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